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7 inches Magic Arm with three points of articulation

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    The 7” magic arm central lock rosette from SHAPE is an adjustable mounting option, with three points of articulation, for attaching accessories such as monitors, lights, and microphones to your camera or rig.

    It features a 1/4″-20 screw on each end and is designed with a swivel mechanism with ball joints to let you position your accessory to any angle. By tightening the central rosette with the thumb screw, you tighten the center pivot as well as both ball ends at the same time.

    It supports up to 4 kg and is machined from CNC aluminum and stainless steel for strength. It also features a rubber-topped platform that the thread extends out of and a thumb wheel that allows you to tighten your accessory on the mount.

    • Perfect to mount monitor, LED lights, or microphones

    • Swivel mechanism with ball joints let you position your accessory to any angle

    • Strong lock central rosette joint with thumb knob

    • ¼-20 captive screw with very tight lock system

    • Each end features a rubber-topped platform to tighten your accessory

    • Supports up to 4 kg

    • Made of CNC aluminum

    • Weight: 0.19 kg

    • Dimensions: 17.78 x 6.35 x 2.54 cm

    • 1 x SHAPE 7'' Magic Arm Central Lock Rosette with 1/4-20 Captive Screw