SHAPE Universal Lens Support

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    Support heavy telephoto or zoom lenses with the SHAPE Universal Lens Support Pro. This lens support secures to 15 mm LWS rods, distributing the lens weight over the rods, removing stress from your camera’s lens mount. A spring-loaded lever tightens the rod clamp. 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded studs fit inside the height-adjustable support shaft to interface with most standard lens support feet. The support shaft is tightened with a thumbscrew. If your lens doesn’t have a support foot, the Universal Lens Support Pro includes a rubber-padded Y adapter that will add support to your lens.

    • Hosts all standard 15 mm rods

    • Rolling Rubber wheels Y-bracket Adapter

    • Reversible threaded mounting stud adapter ¼-20 and 3/8-16

    • Vertical height travel distance adjustment of 1.5″ (3.81 cm)

    • Quickly mount and dismount the support from your rig

    • Robust material and secure extra grip

    • CNC machined parts

    • Stainless steel screws

    • Weight: 0,11 kg

    • Dimensions: 8,89 x 3,81 x 5,72 cm

    • Material: Aluminum

    • Warranty: All SHAPE products and accessories are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty solely on CNC machined parts. All SHAPE® brand products have a lifetime warranty unless otherwise stated.

    • 1 x SHAPE 15mm Rod Bloc with 15mm Top Clamü (SHR15TC)

    • 1 x SHAPE Reversible Threaded Mounting Stud Adapter

    • 1 x SHAPE Rubber padded Y-Lens Adapter

    • 1 x SHAPE ¼-20 Screw

    • 1 x SHAPE 3/8-16 Screw